All Worms

This speculative game can be described as childhood trauma simulator
These are the entire lessons used for my retired course on Dialogue Design which I ran from 2022 to 2024.
An impossible choice.
Interactive Fiction
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An interactive-experience about a fictional Buryatian town where all men were mobilized and none came back.
A selection of templates for ink engine by Inkle. Playable, downloadable, usable.
An AI on a giant bomber in a senseless and cruel working environment.
Visual Novel
The most depressing Reigns-like.
Card Game
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An absurd top down shooter. All Paul Litres will die.
One of the worst dates you can have with a duck. Features time travel. Now interactive!
Interactive Fiction
A one page RPG for people who want to pay for crimes they never committed.
Absurd work place tragedy.
A sitcom RPG about failing forward.
A thesis I've done for MA in Game Development and Research at Cologne Game Lab.
A weird text game for the Flaneur Game Jam
Interactive Fiction
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An adventure filled with rage and confusion. Narrated by Groot.
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A disjointed and bizarre experience that I fail to explain every single time. #WizardJam
#SGJ19 You're a saw fish and you saw.
An adaptation of an art installation.
A game with a single bug.
A very abstract but very short game about a date.
A dumb shooter about slaying harmless blobs. #ldjam
A car duel with no sound or reason.
Turrets have been traumatized in tower defenses for ages. Somebody has to care for their mental state.
You are the guiding spirit of the village. Nudge its people.
You're trapped in a bouncy prison. You must kill Christian. Strong language!
Interactive Fiction
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